Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC)

Employing electric actuation, our Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC) offers substantial packaging and system efficiencies by eliminating the need for complex hydraulic systems.

This is just one of the many innovations that we’re delivering to elevate  electric propulsion systems, including multi speed shifting systems, motor disconnects and wheel disconnects.


  • Reduces spin loss for improved fuel economy
  • Decreased packaging space
  • Mass reduction
  • System cost savings
  • Component integration 
  • Minimal actuation time
  • Low energy consumption due to latching in state
  • Low force actuation
  • Short actuation stroke
  • High torque density


  • Can use aluminum to save costs, weight, and inertia
  • Available in various size configurations and multi modes
  • Suitable for high and low speed applications
  • Requires little oil


Two Position DCC

  • Consists of mechanical clutch, a translator, and a two position stator
  • The positions dictate both clutch modes, which can include freewheeling, overrunning and locked

Common DCC Application

Multi-Speed Shifting

Means multi-speed shifting propulsion systems integrate with our CMD, DCC, and MD technologies – delivering seamless shifting solutions for traditional, hybrid and BEV gear boxes.

Driveline Disconnects

Means’ driveline disconnect solutions provide a novel way to efficiently engage and disengage rear electric drivetrains from their half shafts—conserving energy and extending vehicle range.

This disconnect technology enables our customers to develop on demand AWD electric vehicle with full on-road and off-road capabilities, matched by uncompromising performance and efficiency.

Transmission Powershifting

Means technology integrates directly into the drive system—delivering seamless shifting solutions for traditional, hybrid and BEV gear boxes.

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