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SMW Manufacturing is an international supplier of cold-formed components for heavy truck, mining, construction, and industrial markets.

Now part of the Amsted Automotive Group (AAG)…

If you’re shaping the conversation around eMobility trends and the future of drivetrain and powertrain technology, you’ll be in Berlin at this year’s CTI Symposium, November 30 to December 1.…

SHANGHAI, China —Means Industries, a global leader in propulsion systems and advanced metal-forming solutions, enjoyed another exciting week at the 2019 CTI Symposium China which took place…

GM Senior Vice President of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, Steve Kiefer, said it best, “We hold our suppliers to a high bar.” The winners of GM’s 2018 Supplier of the Year “went above and…

NOVI, Michigan, May 7, 2019—Means Industries, a global leader in propulsion systems and advanced metal-forming solutions, will return to the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi for the 2019 CTI…

On March 15, 2019, Means Industries welcomed a visit from the U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 5th District, Dan Kildee.

As part of the 2019 North American International Auto Show, Jeremy sat down with the Automotive Futures Group to discuss where advanced powertrains are headed.

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Electric controllable clutches: a paradigm shift in propulsion

Something big happened at the 2018 CTI Symposium in Berlin. Carl Beiser, Means Technical Business manager, completely changed the narrative of propulsion system design—unveiling two revolutionary technologies.

The first is our static, electrically actuated Controllable Mechanical Diode (or, CMD-e) that provides all the benefits of latching in state without a constant power supply. Now hydraulic control is completely eliminated, along with the associated costs and complexities. Even electricity requirements are reduced as power is only consumed during state transition.

The second breakthrough is our new Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC). Using electric actuation, our DCC creates substantial packaging and system efficiencies by eliminating complex hydraulic systems.

Furthermore, we have combined these electro-dynamic and electrically actuated controllable clutch technologies into a single, multi-speed gearbox—a level of sophistication hitherto unheard of in electrified automobiles. Now more speeds can be added to the transmission with markedly improved efficiencies, minus the need for more packaging space.

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Want to learn more about the impact of our new technologies on the future of electrified propulsion? Download the complete technical paper today.

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BERLIN, Germany, November 16, 2018—Means Industries will be unveiling new technologies in Berlin this year, which could serve as the “New Building Blocks of Propulsion Systems Design”.

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan—September 19, 2018 —Means Industries has announced the opening of the Means Detroit Metropolitan area office on Monday September 17th.

World's 1st Production Selectable One-Way Clutches For Automatic Transmissions

Means Industries is launching four mass production Controllable Mechanical Diodes (CMDs) with three different customers between 2016 and 2017. This is the first time Means’ CMD technology will be integrated with its successful Mechanical Diode (MD) technology, and the first selectable one-way clutches (SOWCs) to be used in high-volume powertrain applications. Means CMDs are proven to facilitate improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

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SAGINAW, Michigan—July 13, 2018 —Means Industries, a global leader in automotive propulsion system technology, today has unveiled a new brand strategy and corporate identity.

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