Means Featured at CTI Symposium China

SHANGHAI, China —Means Industries, a global leader in propulsion systems and advanced metal-forming solutions, enjoyed another exciting week at the 2019 CTI Symposium China which took place September 23-25th.

On day two of the event, Product Engineering Manager Doug Brubaker gave his presentation on “Efficient & Compact Electric Propulsion Systems Enabled by Integrated Electric Controllable Clutches”.

“It was clear that the customers in the China market are moving forward quickly in electric vehicle development, and they recognize a need for multispeed gearboxes in the powertrain system design”, said Doug Brubaker. “This fits very well with the new Means technology, and our new propulsion systems generated a lot of interest.”

Means is actively engaged in developing both the Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC), and the CMD-e, which are Electro-Dynamic and Electrically Actuated Controllable Clutch technologies in partnership with several OEM customers.

The Car Training Institute (CTI) was founded in 2003, with the aim of developing event concepts covering the various areas of automobile technology, such as powertrain, chassis, and electric/electronics. The CTI Symposium is a leading transmission technology event globally, which provides strategic information and technical updates featuring speakers acknowledged as industry and market experts.