Meet The Team

Tim Samyn

Tim S

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

What I enjoy about Means are the people, the size of the company, and the diverse opportunities they provide. The collective of individuals here at Means is small enough where you will get to know most everyone. With getting to know most everyone, bonds are created where everyone can joke around with each other and still get the job done at the end of the day. I wear many hats that provide many opportunities throughout my week, which keeps it interesting. These opportunities include manager, machinist, debug technician, safety member, project manager, and designer. Means provides many incentives to strive harder to engineer and produce robust/quality products.

Rajdsree S

Rajshree S

Human Resources Generalist

I wanted to work at Means because of their solid reputation in the auto industry. Our products and philanthropy showed me that the company cares about the bottom line and giving back to society. I take pride in working for a company that constantly pushes me to be better. There are many opportunities for career advancement, as well as educational incentives. It is evident that Means is passionate about creating an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to succeed. I am excited to see what lies ahead for me.

Ed P

Ed P

Operations Excellence Specialist

Having been employed with Means for over eight years now, I was extremely impressed with all the teamwork at Means. No matter who you ask for assistance and no matter how busy they are, employees at Means are more than willing to drop whatever they are doing to assist you. Knowledge sharing is a huge asset when you are new to the company, and people here are more than willing to help you. As a Cost Accounting Manager, my days are filled with interaction with Manufacturing, Sales, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable employees. This interaction allows us all to have a better overall understanding of our business. Overall, my experience here at Means has been positive and beneficial.

Scott Bostian

Scott B

Senior Designer

Working at Means Industries has opened my eyes to what a working environment should look and feel like. Our culture encourages everyone to never stop learning and to be the best employee possible. The strong engineering drive to come up with the next best product is a great change from other companies that I have worked for.

carl b

Carl B

Director of Advanced Engineering

Having worked at other companies, it didn’t take too long to figure out Means is a fantastic place to work. Our engineered products are regarded as world-class in our market segment. The company is of nimble size. It is large enough for every employee to have the resources needed to function at a high-level, yet small enough to get things done without a lot of bureaucracy. There is a “do-what it takes” mentality at all levels of the company, which facilitates a team effort. The company’s commitment to its people is second-to-none. Means has provided me with various development opportunities, including continuing education. Overall, choosing to work at Means has been the best decision of my professional career.

Shane Brown

Shane B

Tooling Engineer

I joined the Means team after hearing great things from a friend. After being immersed in the Means culture for over 10 years, I cannot imagine working anywhere else. There are incredible people employed here, who are very cooperative and work hard to accomplish company goals together as a team. I have personally witnessed the company’s grow and prosper. I am proud to be a part of that progress, and I predict good things lie ahead for both Means and me.

Scott Fullen

Scott F

Team Leader

I have been with Means for over 17 years. I am proud to say that many of my suggestions have been implemented into the work place over the years, and it feels good to be heard. The main reason why I love working here: I was valued from the start. Means has provided me with incredible benefits, which began on my first day. The benefits, paired with the laid back work environment, and friendly people make it exciting to come into work every day.

Kyle Badour

Kyle B

Product Applications Engineer

I first joined the team at Means Industries as a summer intern.  As an intern, I saw some excellent career opportunities as I was rotated through the different Means facilities and job requirements.  I was intrigued by the friendly, team oriented, atmosphere.  Once I completed my degree in mechanical engineering, I was offered the opportunity to start my career as a product applications engineer in propulsion systems. Over the last 2 years I have learned a lot about our product, and have gained valuable experience in the automotive industry. Looking back at some of the other career opportunities I could have taken, I truly believe that Means was the right decision for the start of my career.

Ken C

Ken C

Product Applications Engineer

My years with Means have been a fast paced learning and growing experience. The hands-on approach to learning about Means products was enhanced through cooperative learning experiences with other Means employees. My Means coworkers are a great group of hard working, helpful, and knowledgeable people who are focused on providing the best possible product to our customers. I only wish I had found Means years earlier.