Meet The Team

Suada Arnautovic

Suada A

Quality Auditor

I have been employed with Means Transform Products for over 16 years. I did not have much experience in the field initially, but Means proved to be a good company by providing excellent education and training, readying me for my position. Every day I come into work, I feel as though I’m going to my second home. I have become close with many of the people I work with, and we all work hard as a team to achieve our goals. I am so happy to be a part of Means Transform Products, everything about working here from the benefits to the incredible people, make me excited to be here.

Jose M

Jose M

Tool & Die Maker

What I really enjoy about Means is the company management philosophy. We are pushed daily to be productive and work hard. In turn, we are rewarded with wonderful benefits. Working here, I truly feel appreciated and my hard work is valued. After more than 16 years, I still look forward to coming into work every day, and I feel just as vital to this company’s success, as I did when I first began.

brandon v

Brandon V

Product Applications Engineer II

Means Industries is a fast paced, engineering-centric facility providing every individual the opportunity and tools for success. The dynamic working environment provides an excellent mix of design and analysis with in lab testing and validation, promoting an environment of exceptional teamwork and support. Means fosters an atmosphere that favors innovation coupled with critical thinking, wherein each new challenge provides an opportunity for advancement in the powertrain industry.

riley m headshot

Riley M

Product Development Engineer

I joined Means as an engineering co-op in 2014 while I was completing my undergraduate program at Kettering University. I got to work in several departments and locations before ending up in the R&D group at the Propulsion Systems unit where I joined full time as a product development engineer after graduating in 2016. Now I work with my colleagues to develop clutch system technologies adapted to the needs of future powertrains. It’s been exciting to be a part of the latest growth and evolution of the company, and I have been fortunate to have opportunities to learn from those in leadership positions. Additionally, Means strongly supports continued learning in academic settings. This environment has been a catalyst for my own personal growth, and I am grateful for my time here.

Josh Hand

Josh H

Senior Product Development Engineer

Means Industries is a great place to work; the culture here makes working feel not like a need but a want. This company is engineering driven which is perfect for an engineer such as me. We are encouraged to be creative and open minded to help make the products of the future. Means is unique in the fact that we are a medium sized company with a small company feel, and since we are a subsidiary of Amsted Industries we have the large company traits and benefits as well. I’ve been working here for over five years, and look forward to many more.

Scott Fullen

Scott F

Team Leader

I have been with Means for over 17 years. I am proud to say that many of my suggestions have been implemented into the work place over the years, and it feels good to be heard. The main reason why I love working here: I was valued from the start. Means has provided me with incredible benefits, which began on my first day. The benefits, paired with the laid back work environment, and friendly people make it exciting to come into work every day.



Manager Financial Systems MTP

I can’t say enough positive things about working at Means. First, employees are involved in leadership decisions and are empowered to bring ideas forward. Shortly after starting at Means I was tasked with a large project and it is very rewarding to watch your hard work pay off and know its being used in business decisions. Second, the work environment is highly collaborative. This helps foster great communication between all groups and allows us to accomplish our goals. Finally it’s been a great experience learning about the automotive industry and the important role played. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for a medium sized company, but at the same time as a subsidiary of Amsted Industries, having the benefits of a large company. 

Luke D

Luke D

Business Unit Controller

At Means, I have been impressed by the team atmosphere. The open door policy promotes an environment where members across all functions can effectively work together to solve problems and meet the needs of our customers. Coming from a much larger company, it is refreshing to see your role have a direct impact on the business decisions made by leadership. It is exciting to work for a company that is steadily growing by manufacturing products that are transforming the future of the automotive industry. My decision to work for Means has been a step in the right direction for my career and look forward to an exciting future.

Ken C

Ken C

Product Applications Engineer

My years with Means have been a fast paced learning and growing experience. The hands-on approach to learning about Means products was enhanced through cooperative learning experiences with other Means employees. My Means coworkers are a great group of hard working, helpful, and knowledgeable people who are focused on providing the best possible product to our customers. I only wish I had found Means years earlier.