Meet The Team

brandon v

Brandon V

Product Applications Engineer II

Means Industries is a fast paced, engineering-centric facility providing every individual the opportunity and tools for success. The dynamic working environment provides an excellent mix of design and analysis with in lab testing and validation, promoting an environment of exceptional teamwork and support. Means fosters an atmosphere that favors innovation coupled with critical thinking, wherein each new challenge provides an opportunity for advancement in the powertrain industry.

Shane Brown

Shane B

Tooling Engineer

I joined the Means team after hearing great things from a friend. After being immersed in the Means culture for over 10 years, I cannot imagine working anywhere else. There are incredible people employed here, who are very cooperative and work hard to accomplish company goals together as a team. I have personally witnessed the company’s grow and prosper. I am proud to be a part of that progress, and I predict good things lie ahead for both Means and me.

Suada Arnautovic

Suada A

Quality Auditor

I have been employed with Means Transform Products for over 16 years. I did not have much experience in the field initially, but Means proved to be a good company by providing excellent education and training, readying me for my position. Every day I come into work, I feel as though I’m going to my second home. I have become close with many of the people I work with, and we all work hard as a team to achieve our goals. I am so happy to be a part of Means Transform Products, everything about working here from the benefits to the incredible people, make me excited to be here.

carl b

Carl B

Director of Advanced Engineering

Having worked at other companies, it didn’t take too long to figure out Means is a fantastic place to work. Our engineered products are regarded as world-class in our market segment. The company is of nimble size. It is large enough for every employee to have the resources needed to function at a high-level, yet small enough to get things done without a lot of bureaucracy. There is a “do-what it takes” mentality at all levels of the company, which facilitates a team effort. The company’s commitment to its people is second-to-none. Means has provided me with various development opportunities, including continuing education. Overall, choosing to work at Means has been the best decision of my professional career.

Igor R

Igor R

Engineering Program Manager

I have been employed with Means for over 17 years now. The best parts of coming into work are the never-ending challenges, the encouragement from management to pursue leadership opportunities, and the educational incentives. I am proud to be part of this growing company where everyone works together to achieve their goals, so we are all able to succeed.

alice f

Alice F

Quality Assurance Engineer

Means developed an on-boarding program that was very helpful for me in learning the different products that are made and how they function. We also had the opportunity to tour different plants and meet new people. The people have been great to work with, are experienced and knowledgeable about the products. It is an exciting time with new programs and processes in the plant I am working. I look forward to the many opportunities and challenges ahead.

Jose M

Jose M

Tool & Die Maker

What I really enjoy about Means is the company management philosophy. We are pushed daily to be productive and work hard. In turn, we are rewarded with wonderful benefits. Working here, I truly feel appreciated and my hard work is valued. After more than 16 years, I still look forward to coming into work every day, and I feel just as vital to this company’s success, as I did when I first began.

Josh Hand

Josh H

Senior Product Development Engineer

Means Industries is a great place to work; the culture here makes working feel not like a need but a want. This company is engineering driven which is perfect for an engineer such as me. We are encouraged to be creative and open minded to help make the products of the future. Means is unique in the fact that we are a medium sized company with a small company feel, and since we are a subsidiary of Amsted Industries we have the large company traits and benefits as well. I’ve been working here for over five years, and look forward to many more.

Elyse M

Elyse M

Corporate Controller

One of the best aspects of working at Means is the quality of my coworkers.  My colleagues help to create a work environment that is enjoyable to be a part of and a culture that fosters new and innovative ways to approach work. It has been fulfilling to be part of a team that wants to see you succeed both professionally and personally.   It is also stimulating to work for a company that is not out sized but still continually growing.  This creates the potential for employees to gain a diversity of work experiences within a single company.  Means Industries is a great place to work!