Meet The Team

carl b

Carl B

Director of Advanced Engineering

Having worked at other companies, it didn’t take too long to figure out Means is a fantastic place to work. Our engineered products are regarded as world-class in our market segment. The company is of nimble size. It is large enough for every employee to have the resources needed to function at a high-level, yet small enough to get things done without a lot of bureaucracy. There is a “do-what it takes” mentality at all levels of the company, which facilitates a team effort. The company’s commitment to its people is second-to-none. Means has provided me with various development opportunities, including continuing education. Overall, choosing to work at Means has been the best decision of my professional career.

Scott Bostian

Scott B

Senior Designer

Working at Means Industries has opened my eyes to what a working environment should look and feel like. Our culture encourages everyone to never stop learning and to be the best employee possible. The strong engineering drive to come up with the next best product is a great change from other companies that I have worked for.

Tim Hunter

Tim H

Sr. Manager Marketing and Strategy

What I really enjoy about Means is that we are pioneering technology that makes a difference, and that I get to work with a team of exceptional engineers to develop leading technology for the future. As a marketing and business development professional with an engineering background, it is a unique opportunity to utilize strategic marketing, and work with our team to position the company for success. Means has invested a great deal into my professional and personal development, and its entrepreneurial culture has allowed me to use those new skills and make a tangible impact on our business strategy.

Luke D

Luke D

Business Unit Controller

At Means, I have been impressed by the team atmosphere. The open door policy promotes an environment where members across all functions can effectively work together to solve problems and meet the needs of our customers. Coming from a much larger company, it is refreshing to see your role have a direct impact on the business decisions made by leadership. It is exciting to work for a company that is steadily growing by manufacturing products that are transforming the future of the automotive industry. My decision to work for Means has been a step in the right direction for my career and look forward to an exciting future.

Elyse M

Elyse M

Corporate Controller

One of the best aspects of working at Means is the quality of my coworkers.  My colleagues help to create a work environment that is enjoyable to be a part of and a culture that fosters new and innovative ways to approach work. It has been fulfilling to be part of a team that wants to see you succeed both professionally and personally.   It is also stimulating to work for a company that is not out sized but still continually growing.  This creates the potential for employees to gain a diversity of work experiences within a single company.  Means Industries is a great place to work!

don j

Don J

Senior Analytical Engineer

When I was first approached for a job at Means I was not sure, because I didn’t have a lot of information on the company. I took a chance and investigated Means further, and found that I was impressed with the engineering and innovation that went into the products manufactured by Means. I saw a balance between work and family life which was important to me. Though Means was a small company, it had the support under the umbrella of Amsted Industries. As I have worked here going on three years now, I know I have made the right choice.

Lee O

Lee O

Program Manager

Due to world economics, I have had an opportunity to work for a number of global companies of varying sizes in both the automotive and chemical industries with responsibilities ranging from my first as a product engineer to various developmental engineering, manufacturing engineering, program management, corporate engineering liaison, engineering management, maintenance management and capital management positions.  This career path has provided familiarity with a wide variety of global and domestic employer, customer and supplier work environments and cultures.  With this in mind, it is easy for me to say that Means is a great place to work!

Shannon Schneider

Shannon S

Operations Excellence Manager

Means attracted me with the vision of the company that management expressed. I was also blown away by the extremely positive company culture. From the moment I entered the facility for the first time, I was taken aback by the difference between Means and other automotive facilities. I really admire the fact that Means Management stresses employee development, and in turn employees are trained very well. Another thing I really like is that most promotions occur from within. Feeling valued and important by my company makes me look forward to coming into work every day.

Kyle Badour

Kyle B

Product Applications Engineer

I first joined the team at Means Industries as a summer intern.  As an intern, I saw some excellent career opportunities as I was rotated through the different Means facilities and job requirements.  I was intrigued by the friendly, team oriented, atmosphere.  Once I completed my degree in mechanical engineering, I was offered the opportunity to start my career as a product applications engineer in propulsion systems. Over the last 2 years I have learned a lot about our product, and have gained valuable experience in the automotive industry. Looking back at some of the other career opportunities I could have taken, I truly believe that Means was the right decision for the start of my career.