Advanced Metal Forming

In-die splining. Laser welding. Flow forming processes. We produce highly complex custom components and assemblies for the future of powertrain architectures.

Expert Metal Forming Engineering and Design

Transform is uncompromising in the pursuit of optimal designs for our customers. As a full service metal forming supplier, we partner with our OEM customers to design future powertrain components and transmission architectures. Our trusted team of experts advises our customers on whether a product can or cannot be manufacturable, and helps determine the appropriate materials and most efficient processes.

These practices have led us to pioneer many advanced forming technologies used in fuel-efficient vehicles. For example, TransForm was the first company to bring In-Die Roller-Die technology to North America, and Aluminum Flowforming processes in a 10 speed automatic transmission. Today we continue to push boundaries with the new Aluminum Flowforming Technologies and industry-leading capabilities in Material Forming Simulation Software.

Welded Assemblies

  • Full service supplier
  • Assembly of all components

Additional capabilities by our sister companies

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Common Applications

Park Lock Hill Hold Systems

Means technology can be integrated directly into the system—delivering not only park lock but also hill hold and shifting solutions for multi-speed BEV gear boxes.

Driveline Disconnects

Means’ driveline disconnect solutions provide a novel way to efficiently engage and disengage rear electric drivetrains from their half shafts—conserving energy and extending vehicle range.

Multi-Speed Shifting

Means multi-speed shifting technologies integrate with our CDM, DCC, and MD technologies—delivering seamless shifting solutions for multi-speed BEV gear boxes.

Transmission Powershifting

Means technology integrates directly into the drive system—delivering seamless shifting solutions for multi-speed BEV gear boxes.

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