Means to be Featured at CTI Berlin

BERLIN, Germany, November 16, 2018—Means Industries will be unveiling new technologies in Berlin this year, which could serve as the “New Building Blocks of Propulsion Systems Design”. In support of this, Means will have a robust and multi-faceted presence at the CTI Symposium 2018 event in Berlin, Germany, taking place December 3-6, 2018.  

One of the highlights will be Technical Business Manager Carl Beiser giving his presentation on two exciting new technologies: the Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC), and the CMD-e, which are Electro-Dynamic and Electrically Actuated Controllable Clutch Technologies.

“I am looking forward to presenting Means’ new electric controllable clutch technology at CTI in Berlin,” said Carl. “The symposium is a great place to unveil new technology due its focus on electrified propulsion systems and large attendance of key influencers from around the world.”

Once Carl delivers his presentation, a Technical Paper will be published providing more details on the new technologies being featured.

The December issue of the CTI Magazine will feature Means two times, with a full-length article on this innovative Means technology supplemental to Carl’s presentation, as well as an additional story that celebrates the long and highly successful relationship that Means has enjoyed with the CTI organization over the past 10 years. 

Attendees are invited to visit the newly designed Means booth in the European Room for more information. The presentation will take place at 2:30pm on December 4th, Session E.

The Car Training Institute (CTI) was founded in 2003, with the aim of developing event concepts covering the various areas of automobile technology, such as powertrain, chassis, and electric/electronics. The CTI Symposium is a leading transmission technology event globally, which provides strategic information and technical updates featuring speakers acknowledged as industry and market experts.