Means Opens New Metro Detroit Office

SOUTHFIELD, Michigan—September 19, 2018 —Means Industries has announced the opening of the Means Detroit Metropolitan area office on Monday September 17th. The Detroit facility is located in Southfield and has several purposes, including driving customer intimacy and enhancing the employee experience through flexible workstation and innovation space design.

As part of a broader strategy to be close with customers, the location is in the heart of a zone where domestic and international customers are located. The Southfield Office will provide a key base for the sales, marketing and market facing engineering and purchasing teams.

With a flexible workspace designed for drop in visits by Means staff and a collaboration space to support work on innovation activities, the location provides a base for other Detroit area employees that serve multiple sites or require access to the unique industry environment. The new location will also form the basis for collaboration with other Amsted entities like Burgess Norton and ConMet.

The Southfield Office is customized specifically for Means, designed to present the new branding and be a fresh, modern and functional working environment. The new facility is located in Suite 230 of the Oakland Commons II building, at 20750 Civic Center Dr. Southfield, MI 48076.