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The latest patented technology from Means Industries has taken the power of the Mechanical Diode to a whole new level. We are proud to introduce the Controllable Mechanical Diode which gives added control to the design by providing the functionality of TWO one-way clutches in a single unit.

While the traditional one-way clutch always free wheels in one direction while locking in the other, the Controllable Mechanical Diode contains a solenoid activated switch that will REVERSE the directions that the clutch free wheels and locks. In addition, our engineers have designed a possible third option that will allow the clutch to free-wheel in BOTH directions, which in essence makes the clutch invisible - on command! This selectivity feature has been shown to remove the need for a number of other components within the driveline. Depending upon the specific application, the potential gains include the following

  • Reduced part numbers
  • Reduced assembly costs
  • Smaller design envelope
  • Lower system complexity
  • Lower weight
  • Lower rotational mass

The Controllable Mechanical Diode has been tested in an actual vehicle and is currently being evaluated for use in automatic transmissions, transfer cases, and all wheel drive applications.

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